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Medical Problems ( audio - 2 min 42 sec)

Task 1.

State whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F):

    1. John hurt his foot when he was climbing up a tree.
    2. The doctor told John that his foot was broken.
    3. Agneta broke her foot too.
    4. Agneta blamed her dad for having forgotten to renew her travel insurance.
    5. Agneta is fond of strawberries.
    6. David has problems with teeth.

Task 2.

Choose the correct variants:

    1. The doctor told John not to ______.
    a) worry b) do exercises c) climb up a tree

    2. When John is ill, his favourite food is ______.
    a) fruit salad b) strawberries c) soup

    3. Agneta broke her leg when she was _______.
    a) swimming b) playing with her father c) skiing

    4. It was completely awful for Agneta not being able to go______.
    a) swimming b) for a walk c) skiing

    5. David was allergic to ______.
    a) raspberries b) strawberries c) spots

Task 3.

Complete the text by writing one word in each gap:

    1. John hurt his foot when he was on a ______.
    2. Agneta had to pay really big hospital ______.
    3. Agneta was out of action for _______.
    4. David thought his spots were very _______.

Los Angeles Acting School. Lesson 1 - Listening

Task 1.

State whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F):

    1. Learning to listen acutely helps a person to develop his talent.
    2. When a person really listens he behaves real, as he's really making something at this moment.
    3. If you're thinking about what your partner is saying you aren't listening.
    4. The boy and the girl are affected emotionally by the behavior of their teacher.
    5. The story seems to be authentic as actors gain some real experience.

Task 2.

Choose the correct variants:

    1. Listening helps a person to _____ like the best actors do.
    a) look b) talk c) perform

    2. Real listening gets your attention _____.
    a) of yourself b) off of yourself c) off yourself

    3. _____ usually tell lies when they act.
    a) actors b) amateurs c) artists

    4. The girl noticed that the boy was_____.
    a) calm b) irritated c) listening

    5. The girl confessed to_____.
    a) being frustrated b) telling lies c) managing herself

Task 3.

Complete the sentences:

    1. Your first lesson would be absolute bedrock _____.
    2. Conversely _____ makes you behave fake.
    3. Great acting is about having a real _____ in an imaginary situation.
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