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Who knows the language is at home everywhere
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Step 6

A Research Project
Public Opinion Poll

Key Questions
1. What mass media do your prefer?
A newspapers
B radio
C magazines
D the Internet
F old witches from the street

2. Is the media censored in our country?
A yes
B no
C I don’t know

3. Do you prefer an online or a paper version of your favourite newspaper/magazine?
A online
B paper

4. How often do you follow the news?
A once a day or more often
B several times a week
C once a week
D I don’t like the news

5. What devices do you use to keep up with the news?
A a computer
B a laptop
C a TV
D a cell phone
E a tablet

6. What is your opinion about commercials in mass media?
A positive
B negative
C They are funny

7. Do you like to read gossips in the celebrity columns?
A Yes, I really like to do it.
B No, it’s intrusion into privacy.
C Why not?
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