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Exercise 1.
Complete the sentences like in the example. Use the long form of the auxiliary.

Example: Jane ___________ a book. (not/to read)

Answer: Jane (does not read) a book.
1) Tom stamps. (not/to collect)
2) You songs in the bathroom. (not/to sing)
3) Julie in the garden. (not/to work)
4) I at home. (not/to sit)
5) Tina and Kate the windows. (not/to open)
6) Adam French. (not/to speak)
7) His sister lemonade. (not/to like)
8) We to music. (not/to listen)
9) My father the car every Saturday. (not/to clean)
10) Johnny and Danny in the lake. (not/to swim)
Exercise 2.

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Use the Simple Present. Watch the punctuation and form sentences or questions.

Example: He ___________ books (not/to read)

Answer: He does not read books. or He doesn't read books.


1) Anne my questions. (not/to answer)

2) they tomatoes in this shop? (to sell)

3) This girl trousers at school. (not/to wear)

4) Mr Barker Physics? (to teach)

5) The guinea pigs under the desk. (not/to hide)

6) Ken often the school bus? (to miss)

7) The poster on the wall anymore. (not/to hang)

8) for the tickets? (you/to pay)

9) The boys stones. (not/to throw)

10) the bells of your church still ? (to ring)

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