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Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps and form negative sentences in Future Simple

Example: The rain __________ in the afternoon. (not/to stop)

Answer: The rain will not stop in the afternoon. or The rain won't stop in the afternoon.


1) Tim the teacher. (not/to tell)

2) I hope I the train to Manchester. (not/to miss)

3) She her hair green. (not/to dye)

4) He breakfast tomorrow morning. (not/to prepare)

5) The manager trees in front of the office building. (not/to plant)

6) Melissa jeans at her party. (not/to wear)

7) My friends in a city. (not/to live)

8) We about the bad weather. (not/to worry)

9) I in this lake. (not/to swim)

10) You the vase on the shelf. (not/to reach)

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