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Step 3
Part 2

A Research Project
Public Opinion Poll

Congratulations! You have reached the hardest task!
Though it’s responsible but interesting. And it demands your own views! Because you’ll get exclusive rights to be the journalists and make amazing news.
Don’t hesitate and start!
Remember, at this stage you must work in groups. So, let’s organize them.
At your disposal you will have

You have to interview as many persons as you can by using different ways. (asking all people present in the classroom as well as via social networks, and messengers and so on) Each group may choose Key Question from the list below as well as make up your own one.

You will be working there
We will also see results of our work by updating this page

Key Questions
1. What mass media do your prefer?
A newspapers
B radio
C magazines
D the Internet
F old witches from the street

2. Is the media censored in our country?
A yes
B no
C I don’t know

3. Do you prefer an online or a paper version of your favourite newspaper/magazine?
A online
B paper

4. How often do you follow the news?
A once a day or more often
B several times a week
C once a week
D I don’t like the news

5. What devices do you use to keep up with the news?
A a computer
B a laptop
C a TV
D a cell phone
E a tablet

6. What is your opinion about commercials in mass media?
A positive
B negative
C They are funny

7. Do you like to read gossips in the celebrity columns?
A Yes, I really like to do it.
B No, it’s intrusion into privacy.
C Why not?
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