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Hunting mistakes
04.02.2012, 16:00

Hunting Mistakes

(For senior students of teaching colleges)

There are 10-12 mistakes in each text. Students must define them, correct & explain.

1. Walt Disney was born on the five of December 1901. First Mickey Mouse cartoon was drew in 1928. Donald Duck has been created in 1936. The first full length-cartoon feature film, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was shoot in 1937. In the 1955 Disneyland was build in California. Walt Disney dead in California on the age of 65. His films is still showed regularly at the cinema, and because of its timeless quality they will be showed for the years to come. (12 mistakes)

(Key: fifth; The first; drawn; was created; shot; built; died; are still shown; their; at; shown)

2. In the Great London Fire of 1666, 3,000 houses and 97 churchs were destroy. After the Fire, London has been rebuilt. New houses off stone and brick was built instead of wood. The streets were made more wider and open space was leaved for squares. An opportunity to plan the new city of London was gave to Sir Christopher Wren, the famous English architect. More then fifty new churchs were designed by Wren. Among they St. Paul’s Cathedral in the Gothic style. Sir Christopher Wren was buryed here at the age of 91. (12 mistakes)

(Key: churches; destroyed; was rebuilt; of; were; made wider; left; given; than; churches; them; buried)

3. Blue whales are the most large and the impressivest animals ever to have lived on the Earth. Thirty metres long and weighing up to 125 tons, they are three times heavyer than the most biggest dinosaur. More then two hundreds thousands blue whales used to live in Atlantic and Pacific oceans. However, ever since seventeenth century they have being killed by hunters for their oil and meat. They were been hunted so ruthlessly that by 1963 their population have been reduced to fewer than a thousand. (12 mistakes)

(Key: the largest; the most impressive; heavier; the biggest; than; hundred thousand; the Atlantic; the seventeenth; were being hunted; had been reduce)

4. For a while after first voyage of Columbus in 1492, America was calling the New World. Later, however, it has been decided by map-makers in the Europe to name the New World by a man named Amerigo Vespucci. He was a Italian merchant and adventurer who maked three to the New World. Columbus became the first explorer to reach the mainland of South America in 1498, but Amerigo Vespucci soon wrote a book in which he claimed to had gone their in 1497. This was not true, but peoples did not knew for many years that Amerigo Vespucci was lieing. (12 mistakes)

(Key: the first; was called; was decided; Europe; after a man; an Italian; made; to have gone; there; people; know; lying)

5. Henry Ford was born in 1863. He was a man who transformed the world. The car he build changed the lifes of people everywhere. In 1896, Ford has succeeded in building a automobile powered by a gasoline engine. He built these engine in his kitchen sink. In 1903 Ford established the Ford Motor Company and introduced the model T Ford.

Henry Ford wanted make a car that everyone will be able to afford. He could to lower the price of the T Ford from & 850 to & 360 by introducing mass production assembly line techniques. On it each person have one specific job and therefore can do it more faster. (10 mistakes)

(Key: built; lives; had succeeded; an automobile; this; wanted to make; would be; could lower; has; it faster)

6. It’s not incommonly for people to fell asleep on trains but snoring loudly in public is other matter. One day recently I was reading my newspaper on the train when I became aware of a loud snoring sound come in from the man opposite me. As a train was coming into the last station on the line, I gave the man a sharp poke by my umbrella to wake him up. Instead of being grateful, he was looking at me furious: he was not sleeping at all! The snoring was coming from the enormous dog who lie at his foots. (12 mistakes)

(Key: uncommonly; to fall; another; coming; the train; with my umbrella; looked; furiously; had not been sleeping; had been coming; was lying; feet)

7. My friend was travelling on a domestic flight in the South America few years ago. They were going for about forty minutes when a pilot suddenly started speaking excitedly Spanish. Most of the passengers ran forward, shouting. In panic my friend get into the crash position, leaning forward with his head between his knees. He was sitting like that for some minutes when the stewardess kindly explains to him that they were flying over the Angel Falls, and will he liked to look out of the window like the another passengers? (10 mistakes)

(Key: South America; a few; had been going; in Spanish; got; had been sitting; explained; would; like; other)

8. The Australian woman travelling home from Melbourne was driving down a narrow road one dark evening when she entered into a tunnel. Although little surprised at this, as she did not notice a tunnel on that route before, she carried on. But after a half hour of twisting and turning, she ran out of petrol. It was a completely dark in the tunnel, so she decided wait for help. She was only waiting for a few minutes when she saw three mans coming towards her. Rather surprisingly, the three mans were wearing helmets with lamps on the front. The three mans seemed even more surprising to see she. It was than that the woman realized that she had driven into a coal mine. (12 mistakes)

(Key: An Australian; entered a tunnel; a little; had not noticed; half an hour; completely; to wait; had only been waiting; men; surprised; her; then)

9. On the nineth of March 1929 the body of thirty-one-old Isidor Fink was found in a back room of the laundry that he owned on the Fifth Avenue, New York. Fink was an immigrant from themodern-day Lithuania, who had few friends and no family. He had no known connections with the gangsters who terrorized many of New York at that time. However, he was certainly frightened of anything, for he had made his laundry into a kind of fortress: it was equipped with best locks that money could buy, and the windows were fitted by heavy iron bars. When the police finally found him, his body was lying ten metres from the doorway with two bullets holes in his chest, and other in his left wrist. There was no gun in the room, and there were money in both Fink’s pocket and in his cash register. But what made the case so strange that the room was locked and bolted from inside. (12 mistakes)

(Key: the ninth; the back room; Fifth Avenue; from modern; much; something; the best; with heavy; bullet; another; there was money; strange was that)

10. The coffee and the tea were not knew in Europe two hundreds years ago. People were afraid to drink them because they thought coffee and tea can kill a person. Once a king of Sweden decided to find out whether it is true or not. At that time there were two brothers in the prison. They were twins and were very much alike. They committed a crime and had been sentenced to death. The king said, "I will let them to live but they must drink coffee or tea to the end of their lifes. One brother must drink coffee and another must drink tea every day.” The both lived many years. At last one of brothers died when he was eighty three years old. The other died few years later. In this way it proved that neither tea nor coffee were harmful to man. (12 mistakes)

(Key: Coffee and tea; not known; hundred; could; in prison; had committed; let them live; lives; the other; a few years; it was proved)

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